Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You may take baby steps, but your body doesn't

Babies will grow an inch overnight.

The bachelor has been going to the gym for months, and suddenly dropped 20 pounds.

I've been doing this training program since May. Suddenly this week, my thighs are hard, I'm doing three-mile runs with very few walking breaks, and this morning, I found my stride. Tight, efficient, no wasted effort -- it hardly felt like running at all. Now that I think I understand how to rest without breaking stride, I may run the whole way when we do the full loop of the park on Sunday!

And if I can drop 20 pounds by the end of the summer, I promise I'll start wearing those tiny bikinis again.


Anonymous said...

Isn't funny how that happens ?

I'v ebeen eating liots of high fat foods (cheese, prosciutto, steak) but have been going to the gym and all of a sudden i have this crazy muscle and a flatter stomach.

Go figure.

And, no, I have not given up carbs. I think I just have been eating less b/c I don't feel hungry.

Maggie said...

And isn't it cool? It's like an extra shot of motivation.

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

I haven't done any decent exercise (except for sex, that is) in one year or so. However I've kept my weight. Sadly, muscle tends to be replaced by fatty tissue, but still, I don't look so bad. But I do feel the need of routinely practicing some kind of sport