Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I know I'm overdue

I know, I've been promising everyone a full update, since all I've been telling you lately in person is "it's bad." But it's so bad I really don't have time right now.

Short form:
1. Grandmother dying. Grandfather doing marginally better. Setting up hospice care; not sure when we're going to Chicago.
2. Work is hell. Here until 9 pm last night, and still can't dig out.
3. While I'm working on the highest profile project at the company, and the eyes of the owners and every major player in the brass are watching my *every* move, and I'm angling for a promotion -- this is an excellent time to be having a family crisis. Really.
4. Well, at least I'm not pregnant.

More soon, promise. Love you all; you've been so great.

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