Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Best Places for Making Out, Part 1

From the fabulous Matt Levy over at nonsensenyc --

In response to the overwhelming (actually, a half-dozen) responses to last week's column (actually, column title), Officially would be delighted to share with you an extraordinarily subjective list of best places to make out in NYC.

The list is organized by the type of couple you and your honeybunny are, and reflects the highly disorganized mind of the author. Keep in mind, many of these also qualify as great places for a picnic. Without further ado, the highly diversified and totally subjective NYC Makeout Hotspots:

Traditionalist: Atop Belvedere Castle in Central Park, overlooking the Great Lawn and the Boat Pond.
Brooklyn Bum: Under the Soaring tower of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO.
Mentally Unbalanced: Govenors Island's abandoned Octogon: a former mental Ward.
Urban Explorer: The crumbling and soon-to-be renovated Shipyard buildings along Beard St in Red Hook.
Exhibitionist: Father Duffy Square, the tiny triangle in the smack-middle of Times Square.
Nature Freak: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge marshes.
Aviation Geek: Floyd Bennet Fields collapsing airplane hangers.

He promises to tell us the *number one* spot next week, and I promise to pass it on. (maybe I'll test it out first for you, you never know.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I prefer making out in the George Washington Bridge Elevator. But I dont think stopping at making out is best. I think having sex in those elevators is the hottest thing since the Microwave started nuking my Chef Boy-R-dee's....

Everyone needs to try it.