Wednesday, May 25, 2005

not that that's a stretch, by any means.

Also, she is much taller than he is.


The Irishman said...

I'd probabaly have a serious issue with my girlfriend being taller than me... but then again i'm 6'1 and there aren't that many women taller that I've come across.

The whole thing still feels like a publicity stunt but then again I don't care what kind of freaky sex those scientologists get up to...

Maggie said...

well, when you're 5'6" or whatever he is, I guess you have to learn to deal with it. And he was married to Nic for 10 years, so this isn't nearly as bad. But still, somehow, way creepier....

haneway said...

I think it's the stunned deer-in-the-headlights look that she has as he grabs her at every opportunity, combined with his jumping off the couch behavior that makes him look more psychotic than in love.

Maybe she's a closet case too?

Anonymous said...

how's that musician doing? by the way, i'm the one who persuaded you to de-link and take his name off your site.

i've changed my mind. you weren't mean. you're just one of many women he has sh*tlisted. he claims he's a big supporter of musicians. he only does that to get his infantile songs in front of a large audience.

i only supported him because he spewed out so much gush about my music. i remember hearing his songs and thinking, "damn, there's a man with issues." i would never have supported him had he not raved me to ridiculous heights (i never asked for it -- i just wanted inclusion).

be happy he "passed" you over. praise the lord for it. he's not a happy man. and last night at a certain bar you used to frequent until he gave you the permanent sholder at a certain jam, he called me the c-word over pa system. women in the crowd booed him and called him an a-hole. the angelic bartender cut him off. today, we will be talking to the owners about his behaviour and whether they need a new host.

while i was walking home, a man passing by said, "hey -- i just saw you at [insert bar nam]. you were great."

then i said, "well, i won't be going there anymore. the host decided to call me the c-word. and other nastiness."

what do you expect? you've heard the songs, haven't you. there's one song where he used every swear word in the book including biatch twice. i was surprised i had never heard the c-word in one of his songs but he expressed his fondness of the word last night. no offense to the bar. but i'll be back. i don't think he need a spotlight anymore. if any waiter or bartender said that to a patron, they'd be fired -- right away.

and for him to act like he's some patron saint of country in brooklyn is a JOKE. we never elected him. he does this to get attention and get less than spectacular and downright offensive songs exposure they can't get on their own.

you were RIGHT. you should have been hurt. not that you needed to use his name and link to him. but you were right. please re-link. please do. poor baby. he's been screwed over by yet another women. damn well deserves it. dez.f.

Maggie said...

So nice to know who you are now; I've been wondering. I will gladly remove your second comment if you really want (blogger's been having issues lately; sometimes I post twice then have to go back and delete), but you said good things in both and you're such a good writer, that I'd rather keep them. drop me a line at

As for the musician himself. For the record, I had tried to only use his name and link to him when promoting his shows, and refer to him by an alias when talking about personal stuff. As I also taked about other musicians, I'd thought that was enough. But your comments showed me that folks other than my friends knew who the "musician" was, so I wiped the blog. Really didn't want to be giving him any more promotion, anyway.

I am so sorry he treated you that way. He sure does have issues, but that's as obvious to anyone who's ever met him as the color of his hair. He's a big walking open wound. If it's any comfort to you, his guy friends think he's damaged, too. They all tried to keep me away from him, but I had to take on a "project".

Please don't let him discourage you from your lovely Brooklyn country scene. There's so many other outlets, like Leon's stuff, and Kershaw's various Sunday events. But who am I to tell you? You know what's going on better than I do. Take back the Cashank, baby! Make it your own!

True, I'm not at that lovely bar as often. I've been busy with the bachelors, and with family crises. Also, they cancelled Dr. Fact. And since the musician took me off his mailing list, I always forget when the Cashank is. But I'm not avoiding it because of him. I was going to go last night, in fact, but I got distracted with Bachelor #2. If you let me know when you're going back, I'll be right there cheering you on, deal?

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

Well, I can't say I really care about who Cruise is french-kissing at the moment. But what does occur to me is that looks and money don't seem to bring happiness. The man is certified as one of the best looking in the solar system (or so I hear), the man has certainly more money than he can spend, but what the man seems no to have is a stable love life. Pitty the rich and beautiful.

Maggie said...

Eh, he's not that hot. And he is definitely creepy.

I just saw Magnolia, in which he is supposed to be creepy. Disturbingly, he was hotter there than I think he's ever been. In Mission Impossible II he looked a lot like the cokehead alcoholic ex.

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

Okay, I'll take your word for it. Although I must say that, in a very very manly way, I liked him in "The Last Samurai".