Monday, May 23, 2005

tell me that you love me and I'll do the same

As I included in my resolutions, I've been trying to tell my friends that I love them as often as possible, because it's too easy to forget to do that. But lately I've been feeling a bit out of sorts or taken for granted, which have resulted more often in fights than in love fests.

This starts a vicious circle, of course, where I hold back myself. McSweeney's gave me a good reminder today, to return to the good fight.

Thus endeth the touchy feely post.


The Irishman said...

Hey Maggie,

Just read your resolutions... not bad at all. Actually scarily resembled mine except for the one about not wearing enough eye makeup. Yeah... no one wants to see that!

I am doing a terrible job quitting smoking, never go to bed before 2, and haven't been doing nearly enough drinking for my own good. In fact, I have a bottle of 15 yr Jameson that has gone untouched since I was last in Ireland a few months ago... which as you may be thinking is just down right disgraceful.

As for feeling taken for granted... you seem like a sweet person so naturally this will happen all the time (like it does to me). It's an unfortuante side effect of caring for people, that when they let us down or assume we will be there all the time...we get upset naturally. There's no way around this unfortuantely, all you can do is show you care until they prove they don't deserve that from you.

Wow, wasn't much of a comment huh? I feel like I'm blogging on you site now :) Hope that made some sense!

Maggie said...

I love that you're blogging on my site, Irishman! Please feel free to stay as long as you want. And thanks for the supportive words.

I picked up a bottle of 12-year-old Bushmills single malt when I was in Dublin, and I haven't even cracked it yet. Maybe we should have a tasting?

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

I would just say that you should be careful not to use the "I love you"s to often. Might get common place, loose meaning, whatever.

But I was thinking around those terms the other day. The mother of a friend died. I went to whatever-you-call-it the night before the funeral just to give him some support and he told everyone that we shouldn't feel forced (right expression?) to go to the funeral and that he wouldn't take it against us if we didn't. But then I thought, I have few friends, I should be there for him. So I went. It didn't hurt a bit... although I'm partial towards burials. Everyone should be cremated and that's that.