Wednesday, May 18, 2005

my calling card

So I'm thinking of having calling cards made, since I never carry my business card on me, and I don't want people calling me at work anyway. Should I be bold and use one of these hot silhouette babes, or should I stick to something a little more tasteful? Vote in the comments, please!


Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

Well, let's see. What is the image of yourself that you want to transmit? What message do you want to convey. And, why don't you order different cards so that you can select them according to the message you want to pass? For instance, if this is just a friendship contact, you use card A, of you're aiming at romance, use card B, if plain raw sex is on your mind, card C does the trick.

Other suggestions: why not make some graphic work on one of your pictures?

And finally, on the cards you pointed I don't like any of them... maybe the one with the girl and the pneumatic hammer (or whatever that's called). It has a hint of porn to it.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to the Daily Candy as well !

haneway said...

Not surprisingly, I'm not big on the porn chicks, and the green stripes are too "I'm retro-cool".

Pink is eternal!