Thursday, May 19, 2005

chilly reception

"Kitty in the fridge, kitty in the fridge, kitty in the fridge."

This is the absurbity that my morning is reduced to. The cat snuck into the fridge and has camped out. She absolutely refuses to get out, and I am late for work and don't have time to fight with her about it. So I have to keep reminding myself that she's in there, so I don't leave for work with her still holed up in her chilly retreat.

How she does love the cold, though. Born and raised in New York City, but always yearning for the frozen wilderness of her breed's namesake state. Geez -- crazy monkey!


Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

Ok, ok, see? There is something very wrong with this post. Ok, first, the refrigerator is for food. Not cats. Unless you eat them, that is. Second, I've always seen cats dangerously close to fireplaces or under the sun for unbelievably long amounts of time. Never seen one that liked cold. This tells me that your cat has a temperature disorder. Talk some sense into the pussy, will you? Finaly, if your cat went into the fridge, that probably means that you left it opened longer than necessary.

Maggie said...

I wish that were true, Portuga, but unfortunately my kitten is an insane monkey, and the kitchen is her favorite room. I open the fridge for one second to get the orange juice out, and she's in there, on the bottom shelf, camped out and eating leafy greens. Sometimes she slips in there so quickly I don't even know she went in, and then 20 minutes later she starts to meow that she wants to get out. But if she's not ready to come out, she won't. She holds onto the wire shelf with all her might.

She's a freak, what can I tell you? She also has very long hair and lots of it, so maybe she just gets overheated easily.

nicfit212 said...

Shave the cat? Just a thought ;-)

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

Seven words might make you want to think harder on a solution: limited ammount of air in the fridge.

That cat will end up regreting that attraction for fridges.

Maggie said...

Okay, first off, I did try to shave her once. It was a disaster. She had bald spots on her tummy, but she is squirmy and I never got her fully shaved. So she was still shedding everywhere and camping out in the fridge, and she looked really funny to boot.

Secondly, I too used to be afraid of the limited air issue, which is why I was chanting to myself the other morning. In general, I don't leave the house unless I can see her face, becasue she also sneaks into closets and gets trapped in all sorts of places. But when she's ready to leave the fridge, she meows and lets me know. And as long as she's got enough air to meow, she's got enough air to breathe.

Seriously, she almost never stays in there for longer than 2 minutes. After that I drag her out, whether she's ready or not. But I don't see too much harm in indulging her bizarre cold-and leafy-greens fetish on occasion.

Oh, God, PETA's going to come after me, aren't they? Shaving my cat and keeping her on ice -- they're going to hunt me down and declare me an unfit parent! (Good thing I don't use my real name here....)